So. I started a thing. And this is the very first post.
Before you delve into the rest, I suggest you have a look at the “About“” page, which I catchily named “What The Fuck?”.
It seemed apt. Also: I love to swear.

As I am considering myself under somewhat of a  deadline, I am planning to update this blog very regularly: every couple of days or so. I already have an inventory of the topics I want to touch upon.

I stated in the “About” section that I couldn’t find*) a blog that encapsulates what I am trying to do and communicate exactly. If only for that reason  I’m sincerely hoping people will engage, challenge and basically just speak up and out.  Plenty of options on the site. And I would really appreciate being provoked into having to write a post based on your thoughts or feedback.

*) I’m sure there must be some, whether in Dutch or in English.
If you know of any, or in general would want to share a good blog on the subject, drop me a note and I’ll add it to the link list.